2 thoughts on “joro spider web”

    1. Hi there, sorry to be replying late, I’ve been away.

      Tbh, I have no idea who would win a territorial fight between a male Noble False Black Widow spider and a male Joro spider. I’m not a betting man, but on the basis of the little that I do know about the male Joro spider and of a rapid read of the Wikipedia entry on the NFBW spider, I would put my money on the NFBW spider winning. On the other hand, if the contest was between a male NFBW spider and a female Joro spider, I think I would put my money on the Joro spider winning.

      All this being said, I really, really hope that we never see such a contest in real life. Because if we did, it would mean that the Joro spider has been taken out of its natural range (East Asia essentially) and introduced into Europe. And moving species around like this is causing us a lot of problems all around the world. The NFBW spider is already an “immigrant” to Europe. Its natural range is the Canary Islands and Madeira. At some point in the past it somehow got transported to Europe – my guess is the entry point was Spain – and it has been steadily moving northwards. Who knows what disruptions it is causing in the European ecosystems that it “invades”.


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